Home remediesHome remedies are defined as the cure of disease with the products that may be medicated or non-medicated. These include the use of vegetables, honey, sugar, spices and other common substances. They can be easily passed by a common person and need not to be related to medical field.

They are available for many diseases which occur commonly such as headache, blood pressure, toothache, sore throat, cough, migraine, fever, constipation and many others. Home remedies are not only beneficial against diseases but also helpful in making your hair look better, glowing skin tone and enhancing your beauty. Many home remedies are available for weight loss. They can also make our immune system better and effective. Home remedies can be done by consuming natural substances that do not only cure one certain disease but also are helpful in maintaining a normal health state. Consuming vegetables and different spices can cure diseases such as in the case of hiccups can be stopped in very less time by consuming spoon full of sugar.

They have been very beneficial in the past and are also applied present day for treating certain diseases. In the past when the use of antibiotics against diseases was not common, the people applied these home remedies for the treatment and cure of diseases. Also they are inexpensive and readily available.  Herbs are mainly used in home remedies and they are non toxic, have no chemicals in them, inexpensive and are simple to use. The regular and correct use of these remedies can be very beneficial. The minerals, oils, alkaloids and enzymes present in them can also be essential for the proper functioning of the body.