How To Get Rid Of Constipation Fast? Constipation is defined as the excessive absorption of water in the intestines that make the bowel movements hard to pass. The feces become hard and difficult to expel. Constipation can occur due to lack of fiber in the diet, slow contraction of muscles of colon, milk, change in routine, aging and use of some drugs such as anticonvulsants and antidepressants. Different home remedies for constipation are available.

Home Remedies For Constipation

home remedies for constipation
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1) Exercise

Daily exercise can be helpful in constipation relief. Even 10-15 minutes’ walk a day can be very effective. This can also increase your metabolism and makes your muscles to contract at a faster rate. After eating a heavy meal the exercise is must as it avoids the painful feeling in the stomach.

2) Taking fiber in diet

Among the home remedies for constipation include the use of fiber in diet. It adds bulk to the stool and makes the muscles of gastrointestinal tract moving thus food is moved along. Beans, lentils, almonds, vegetable as and fresh and dried fruits are rich in fiber that can make the stool easy to pass. Apricots and cherries are also have high fiber content in them.

3) Figs

They are rich in fiber and used as a natural laxative. Both dries and fresh figs can be used for the treatment of constipation. Fresh figs should be eaten with their skin on as their skin is a rich source of calcium and fiber. Soak a few almonds and figs for few hours in water. Peel off the skin of almonds and crush together the ingredients. Make a paste and take it at night with one tablespoon of honey.

4) Castor oil

It cleans the large and small intestines and make the feces soft and easy to pass. Taking two or three teaspoons of castor oil empty stomach can be helpful. It should not be used for a long period of time as it can also cause some side effects.

5) Drinking lots and lots of waterhome remedies for constipation

Drinking lots of water can be useful for constipation relief. As water can help the movement of bowel along the intestines easily. The nutrients and waste material can move along the intestine. It is a common home remedy for constipation. Check out Benefits Of Drinking Water

6) Molasses

One of the home remedies for constipation include using molasses. It acts as a natural laxative can make the feces easy to pass. Taking a teaspoon of black molasses before going to bed can provide relief against constipation. If the problem of constipation persists then take two or three teaspoons of molasses. Mixing equal amount of molasses and peanut butter is also a remedy for constipation relief. It also contains a high amount of calories.

7) Sesame seeds

Oily sesame seeds act as a moisturizer for intestines and make the movement of bowel easy to pass along the intestine. They can either be sprinkled on the food or mixed in coffee. These seeds make the feces soft and satiate the painful pain of constipation.

8) Mint or ginger tea

It can be used for the treatment of constipation. Methanol is present in the mint that acts as antispasmodic and make the muscles of gastro intestinal tract contract at a faster rate so that bowel movements are moved at a faster rate. Ginger tea can provide constipation relief. Hot water in tea stimulates the digestion and makes the feces soft and easy to expel out of the body. Ginger also has a warming effect and thus improves the sluggish digestion of food.

9) Using lemon water

Lemon contains citric acid that can flush out the toxins from the body and also acts as a stimulator for the digestive system. Squeeze a lemon in the glass of water or a cup of tea.  It helps to take in more water and thus making the stool soft. This should be taken twice a day and it is recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon in morning when the stomach is empty.

10) Consuming resins

The tartaric acid in resins has laxative effect. It is recommended to use four and a half ounce of resins each day. Almonds, dates and cashews are rich in fiber.

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