How to get rid of sore throat? A sore throat can be referred to the itching and irritation in the throat. It can result in the difficulty in swallowing and eating. Also taking in the liquid food can cause pain. The symptoms of sore throat include hoarseness, swollen glands in the neck, and white patches on the tonsils, dry throat, fever, rash and difficult breathing. Different sore throat remedies are available that can relieve the throat pain and also reduce the itching and swelling of throat.

Best Sore Throat Remedies

Sore Throat Remedies
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1) Gargle with warm salt water

Sore throat occurs because the cells in mucous membrane have become inflamed and swollen. Gargling with warm water can cause the swollen glands to shrink back as the salt absorbs the extra water and makes the swelling less. This in return satiates the pain of the throat. 1 cup of warm water and 1 and a half tea spoon of salt can be used for gargling and is one of the best sore throat remedies.

2) Sucking a garlic

1 fresh clove of garlic that is sliced into half can be a very good sore throat remedy. The garlic contains a compound called allicin that can kill the bacteria and reduce the swelling of swollen glands. Put the garlic clove in the gums and crush your teeth against it. Do not bite the clove.

3) Use a marshmallow

Sore throat remedies includes the use of marshmallow or marshmallow root. It contains mucilage that coats the mucous cells and membranes in the throat. Place 1 cup of dried marshmallow root in a mug and pour warm water over it. Leave it for 30 to 60 minutes and then stain and drink.

4) Using steam

Steam helps in treating dried throat that can cause problem in breathing. It can also relieve the congestion of throat. Boil a pot of water and lean over it such that your mouth at a safe distance from the pot. Use a towel to put over your head so that a tent of steam is formed and it does not move out. Now, take long breaths and inhale the steam. Sore throat remedies also include the use of eucalyptus oil.

5) Drinking licorice root tea

Sore Throat Remedies
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The licorice contains many anti inflammatory and anti viral agents. It also soothes the mucous cells in the throat. Place dried licorice root in a cup of. Half cup cinnamon chips, half cup of chamomile flowers and 2 tablespoon whole cloves. Mix all these ingredients together and place in the jar. To make the tea add 2 and a half cup of water in the pan and 3 table spoon of this mixture and boil. These can the pain and itching of sore throat.

6) Avoid irritants

Sore throat remedies include avoiding going on the dusty areas. This can make the throat even drier. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they hinder the body mechanism of fighting off the infection.

7) Drink ginger water

Ginger is helpful in satiating the pain of the body. It helps in the expulsion of the mucous from the respiratory tract. It is also a good remedy for flushing out of pathogens from the body as it has anti inflammatory properties. Take a ginger root and wash it. Slice it into small pieces and cover it with a wax paper now crush the slices. In a pan boil some water and add the crushed ginger in it. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes. Add honey as a flavoring agent.

8) Peppermint

Soar throat remedies include the use of peppermint. Different sprays are present that satiate the swelling and pain of sore throat. The menthol present in it helps in the thinning of mucous membrane in the respiratory tract. It also contains anti viral, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that help in healing process of sore throat.

9) Baking soda gargles

Mixing soda with salt water can also be used as a remedy for sore throat. This kind of gargles can inhibit the growth of both viruses and fungi in throat. In one cup of warm water add 1/4th tea spoon of baking soda and 1/8th teaspoon of salt. After every thirty minutes do gargles with this water.

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