Weight loss smoothies are a good source of reducing the body weight because they can control the uptake of nutrients in the body. A lot of nutrients are available in one glass of smoothie and there is no need to add extra calories in it. Thus different smoothies can act as smoothies for weight loss. The right amount of nutrients and vitamins in the smoothies can increase the metabolism of the body thus providing a perfect balance to the body. Smoothie’s recipe for weight loss is one of the best reason that it is consumed by many people instead of eating different bakery items.

Best 6 weight loss smoothies

weight loss smoothies

1) Spinach and avocado smoothie

This can be one of the smoothies for weight loss. Avocado present in it makes it extremely delightful and makes it worthy of one complete meal. Mix together one pitted avocado, One cup fresh spinach, one ripe banana, one cup milk, one tablespoon of peanut butter in a blender and mix well. In this mixture add a handful of ice cubes so that it may provide soothing effect. Blend at high speed so that a smooth consistency is maintained.

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2) Peach milkshake

It is one of the weight loss smoothies. In one cup almond milk add one cup frozen peaches that are well chopped. One tea spoon of coconut oil should be added as it increases the metabolism of the body and thus helps in weight loss. It burns off the extra calories in the body. Add half cup of pineapple juice and half cup of frozen bananas. Mix them all together at high speed and maintain the smooth consistency of the milkshake.

3) Banana and coconut water

This smoothie is one of the best smoothies recipe for weight loss. Avocado in this smoothie can provide the necessary minerals to this smoothie. In half cup chopped bananas add quarter of ripe avocado, small amount of spinach and frozen berries, quarter cup of cucumber, and one table spoon of raw cocoa nibs and a quarter teaspoon of heat grass powder.  In the end add a cup of coconut water and blend all these ingredients together. Blend in such a way that it gives a creamy consistency. The bananas used in this smoothie should be frozen for 24 hours for a good taste.

4) Berry, pomegranate and flaxseed

It is one of the weight loss smoothies. Add a small amount of frozen berries, three chopped strawberries, Two teaspoons of hemp seeds, one table spoon goji berries, One cup of pomegranate juice, half tea spoon of flaxseed oil and half tea spoon of coconut oil and mix them all together properly. Add half cup of chopped avocado. This smoothie is not only for weight loss but the fats and proteins present in it are also responsible for stimulating the brain response and making it fast. The herb ginko present in it is helpful against memory loss.

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5) Mellow yellow protein

This smoothie is one of the best smoothies recipe for weight loss. It provides protein to the body and makes the metabolism high so that extra fat from the body sheds off. The almond butter in it is a source of energy. In this smoothie add one and a half cup of pure clean water, one cup of frozen and chopped mango, two or three bananas, two table spoons of almond butter, one tea spoon of vanilla extract and one tablespoon of honey. Blend them all together in a blender and blend for 60 to 90 seconds. For better taste add a small amount of salt in it.

6) Banana cream pie

This is one of the smoothies for weight loss. In one large frozen banana add a cup of plain yoghurt, two tablespoons of honey, half teaspoon of vanilla extract and a little amount of cow milk. Mix them all together and serve. Add a few cubes of ice in it so that it can give a soothing effect. Before serving sprinkle some graham cracker crumbs on it so that it may look well presentable. It can act as a dessert and can be very helpful against weight loss as it can be used instead of cakes and cheesy products.

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