Calcium is a necessary mineral needed in diet that can keep the muscles, bones and teeth strong. The other important functions the calcium in body performs are releasing hormones, generating nerve signals, blood clotting, keeping a normal heart rate and help the muscles work properly. It can also prevent osteoporosis and help losing weight. However, calcium deficiency can result in making of the diseases of the body which can be harmful. Many calcium rich foods are available that meet up the deficiency of calcium in the body thus making it healthy and function properly.

Best Calcium Rich Foods

calcium rich foods
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1) White beans

These are one of the foods rich in calcium. They are a good source of iron and calcium in the body that can help strengthen the teeth and bones. They can also necessary vitamins and minerals to the body. They can also help you lose weight of the body thus making it fit and healthy.

2) Molasses

Black strap molasses can be a good source of calcium. Along with calcium they also provide other minerals and nutrients to the body such as vitamins and iron. These are one of the calcium rich foods. These molasses can be used as sugars when grinded properly.

3) Almonds

Almonds are one of the foods rich in calcium. Potassium, Vitamin E, calcium and iron present in them make them extremely healthy. They can also make your body look healthier by making it strong. They can provide a great amount of calcium per calorie or ounce.

4) Sesame seeds

These seeds are very beneficial for making the body healthier and fight certain diseases. They can greatly reduce inflammation and fight certain diseases thus making the immune system stronger. The high levels of calcium present in them make the body work efficiently. They can fight certain viral diseases that help fight viruses in body.

5) Yoghurt

It is one of the foods rich in calcium. Yoghurt can provide calcium along with other nutrients and minerals to the body. Phosphorus, proteins, vitamin B12 is important mineral provided by yoghurt. It helps in making the bones and muscles strong.

6) Lentils

They contain a high amount of nutrients, fibers and proteins present in them. Zinc, phosphorus and magnesium are also provided by these lentils. They can greatly reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body. One cup of cooked lentils can provide up to 13 percent of calcium.

7) Figs

It is one of the foods rich in calcium. Besides calcium, they can also provide vitamin K and potassium to the body which are important minerals. The antioxidants and fibers present in figs can make them very beneficial for the body. A single fig when consumed per day can deliver 5 percent of the essential minerals to the body.

8) Milk

The calcium present in milk can make the bones and teeth stronger and whiter as it contains a rich amount of calcium. Along with calcium it is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D which help in strengthening the bones. A cup of cow milk can provide 276-352 mg of calcium in it. The calcium present in milk can be readily absorbed by the body.

9) Cheese

It is one of the calcium rich foods. It can be readily absorbed by the body and provide necessary minerals to the body. Cheese has certain beneficial effects on the body as they contain proteins. One ounce of cheese can provide 52 mg of calcium.

10) Rhubarb

It is one of the food rich in calcium. It contains a great amount of fiber in it which can prevent from constipation. Other minerals and vitamins are also provided by it such as Vitamin K. It also promotes the growth of useful bacteria into the gut of humans. One cooked cup of rhubarb can provide up to 87 mg of calcium which is a really good amount.

Here is the list of calcium rich foods

11) Seaweed
12) Oatmeal
13) Orange juice
14) Soymilk
15) Firm tofu
16) Cheerios
17) Kale
18) Sardines
19) Dried figs
20) Bok Choy
21) Salmon
22) Spinach
23) Chia seeds
24) Broccoli
25) Okra
26) Watercress
27) Avocados
28) Fennel
29) Mulberry
30) Cabbage

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