How to get rid of cough? Cough is defined as the natural reflex of body to clear out the irritants and microbes that cause the irritation in throat and cause infections. Pollen grains, molds, irritants and smoke particles are the common irritants that stimulate the nerve endings in throat and can cause coughing. It is often accompanied by fever and swelling of throat. It can become chronic if the infection persists. Different home remedies for cough are available that can be useful for coughing.

Best Home Remedies For Cough

Home Remedies For Cough
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1) Consuming honey

One of the home remedies for cough include the use of raw, inorganic honey. It has antibacterial properties that help against this bacterial infection. It also soothes the muscles of throat thus satiating the pain and irritation. Taking it two to three times a day can be very helpful in controlling the cough.

2) Gargle with warm salt water

Pain due to coughing occurs because the cells in mucous membrane have become inflamed and swollen. Gargling with warm water can cause the swollen glands to shrink back as the salt absorbs the extra water and makes the swelling less. This satiates the pain of the throat. 1 cup of warm water and 1 and a half tea spoon of salt can be used for gargling and is one of the best home remedies for cough.

3) Ginger mint syrup

Ginger is helpful in fighting the cough. It contains antimicrobial substances that can control the infection. It is also beneficial for expelling out the mucous from the lungs. To make ginger mint syrup add three table spoons of chopped ginger and one table spoon of mint in four cups of water and let it boil. Let the water then cool and then add one cup of honey. Mix it well. You can store this syrup for many weeks and consume one table spoon after every two three hours.

4) Taking steam

Steam helps in treating dried throat that can cause problem in breathing. It can also relieve the congestion of throat. Boil a pot of water and lean over it such that your mouth at a safe distance from the pot. Use a towel to put over your head so that a tent of steam is formed and it does not move out. Now, take long breaths and inhale the steam. A few oils can be added for good results such as adding few drops of eucalyptus oil.

5) Drinking licorice root tea

It is one of the cough remedies as it helps in the expelling out of mucous from the lungs and throat. It can reduce the inflammation and pain of throat. Take two ounces of water and boil it. Add 2 table spoons of dries licorice root. Boil for 10-15 minutes. Pour it in the mug and consume it twice a day.

6) Turmeric and honey mixture

It can be useful for dried throat. Take turmeric powder and mix with one teaspoon of honey. For good results consume it at least 3 to 4 times a day. Drinking turmeric tea can also be one of the cough remedies. Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder in four cups of hot water. Let it stand for a few minutes and then add honey or lemon. This can be very helpful against cough and pain in throat.

7) Consuming fresh gingerHome Remedies For Cough

It can be helpful for treating dry cough. Cut a piece of ginger and add some salt on it. Chew it for few minutes. It helps in the thinning of mucous membrane and thus helps fighting cough.

8) Black pepper tea

Black pepper helps in expelling out the mucous from the respiratory tract. Black pepper tea is made by mixing 1 teaspoon of pepper and 2 tablespoons of honey in a mug. Add boiling water in the mug and drink it whenever required.

9) Honey and pepper

Honey has antimicrobial properties. Also it can be used as a suppressant for cough. On a tablespoon of honey sprinkle some black pepper and consume it twice or thrice a day. It is of the commonest cough remedies.

10) Drinking hot milk

A cup of milk that has honey mixed in it can be used as cough suppressant.

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