How to get rid of pink eye fast? Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. It can be caused by either virus or bacteria and is actually the inflammation of the white portion of the eye. Certain irritants, dust particles and micro organisms can cause pink eye as they trigger the process of inflammation.

Best Home Remedies For Pink Eye

Home Remedies For Pink Eye
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1) Holy basil

It is one of the home remedies for pink eye. It has the property of healing the swelling and inflammation of eye. Also, it can protect the eye from environmental contaminants as it has anti inflammatory properties. It can help fighting the bacterial and fungal infections of the eye. Soak the leaves of holy basil in warm water for 10 minutes and use it as an eye wash. A cotton swab can also be dipped in it and placed on eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.

2) Aloe Vera gel

Certain components in Aloe Vera such as aloin and amodin have the properties on anti bacterial and anti viral agents. Aloe Vera gel can be used for pink eye treatment as it can trigger the healing process and reduce inflammation and swelling. Directly placing the Aloe Vera on the infected are or using Aloe Vera drops can be helpful.

3) Green Tea

One of the home remedies for pink eye include the use of green tea. It helps fighting viral and bacterial infections. Also, it can greatly reduce swelling and inflammation. Dip a cloth of water in green tea and place on infected area or dip a green tea bag in warm water and once it is cool place it on the infected eye for 20 to 30 minutes.

4) Neem oil

For pink eye treatment rub neem oil around the eye and eye lids as it contains anti bacterial and anti viral agents that can lessen the inflammation of vessels in the eye and help fighting against certain viruses and bacteria. It can give a soothing effect by reducing the swelling and inflammation of eye.

5) TurmericHome Remedies For Pink Eye

It has been helpful in pink eye treatment as it can greatly reduce the inflammation of the eye. Certain anti bacterial properties of this can lessen the pink eye symptoms. In one cup of boiled water add two table spoons of turmeric. Using a sterilized cotton swab, place this mixture on the eye for 5 to 10 minutes.

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6) Colloidal silver

This has been very effective for pink eye treatment. When this is applied on the infected eye the small silver colloids attract the infected cells and send them to blood stream so that they may be expelled out of the body. It can be useful against many kind of infection as it can electromagnetically attract the infected cells.

7) Milk and honey

It is one of the most beneficial home remedies for pink eye. Honey has certain anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that can be helpful against certain infections. Mix together equal amount of honey and milk and using a cotton swab apply in on the infected eye. This can provide soothing effect to the eye.

8) Apply baking soda

Baking soda can provide a soothing effect to eye by reducing the inflammation and swelling of the eye. Mixing 1 cup of water and one table spoon of baking soda can act as a good eye wash for pink eye treatment.

9) Boric acid

One of the remedies for pink eye is the use of boric acid. Take quarter cup of boiling water and a table spoon of boric acid in it, it will act as a diluted boric acid solution that can be used for the treatment of pink eye. Dip a cotton swab in this mixture and apply on the infected eye for 15 to 20 minutes. This should be applied twice or thrice a week for better results.

10) Coriander

This is used for pink eye treatment as it can greatly reduce the swelling and pain caused by pink eye. Take some leaves of coriander and boil them in water. Leave it to cool down and once it cools down strain it. It can directly be used for eye washing or a cotton swab can be dipped in it for warm compressing.

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