How To Make Your Butt Bigger? Bigger butts are important as they make you look attractive biologically. The fat present in butt is naturally harmful as compared to other excess fat in the body as it is subcutaneous fat. Bigger butt can also protect the lower back of the body as it can absorb the strain of the body which otherwise can make the hips and knees tired and deformed. Bigger butts can also be helpful in pregnancy as it can help balancing the weight of the body.

Best Ways For How To Make Your Butt Bigger

How To Make Your Butt Bigger

1) Exercises

Doing proper exercise can be useful for how to make your butt bigger. Different exercises are available for shaping different parts of the body so it is essential to try such exercises that make your booty bigger and attractive. Many exercises are available for making the booty bigger such as

  • Running

Running for at least 30 minutes a day can make your booty look smaller. The gluteas muscles are strengthened by running and jogging. By attaching a resistant parachute on the back and running can make the muscles of your lower back become strengthened and strong. It can burn out the calories from the body.

  • Elliptical machine

Use of this machine can be helpful for how to make your booty bigger. This can not only make your butt bigger butt will also help losing weight of the body. This will strengthen the muscles of the butt and make it look bigger and curved.

  • Butt squeezing

Sit straight on the chair such that your feet touch the ground firmly. For 5 to 10 seconds tightly squeeze the muscles of butt and thighs. Relax for 10 seconds and then do the same procedure 15 to 20 times for better results.

  • Bridge pose

This exercise not only makes your booty bigger but also relaxes your body. It involves the core and gluteus muscles. Excessive calories are burnt out. Lie down on the floor with your back on the floor. Keep your legs and hips wide open. Now, slowly lift your hips by pressing your feet on the ground. Stay there for few seconds and then lower the body.

  • Dancing Siva

This can make your triceps and butt muscles stronger. Stand, by putting the feet together. Raise the left hand on the front and let the left leg remain on the ground. Raise the right leg backwards to the shoulders and hold with right hand. Stay in this position for 5 minutes.

2) Supplements and pills

Taking pills and supplements can be used for how to make your butt bigger. Aguaje pills contain phyto estrogens that provide estrogen to the body and thus help your booty look bigger. Maca root powder can also provide the necessary hormones to the body that can make your butt look bigger. It can balance the necessary hormones that are in less quantity in the body. Vitamin E and fish oil can also be helpful for bigger booty.

3) Good diet

Consuming good diet and nutrients can not only make your skin refreshing but also makes your booty look bigger.  They can provide necessary nutrients and hormones to the body and butt thus making it bigger and attractive. Eating vegetables and fruits can provide antioxidants that can remove toxins from the body. Vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, spinach and kale can be useful for making the booty bigger. These fruits and vegetables contain the natural compounds that may not be harmful for the body.

4) Surgical procedures

Different surgical procedures are done to make the booty look bigger. In these procedures the hormones that are deficient in body are inserted into the body by aseptic methods so that butt looks attractive. Certain gluetal implants are inserted for butt augmentation.

5) Try wearing heels

Wearing high heels can not only make your booty bigger but also changes the curve of the spine. It can also make you change the posture of the body and walk. The change in style of walking can also enhance the curves of the body thus make your butt more attractive and bigger. Instead of wedges try wearing stilettos that can rear the weight of the body in more attractive way.

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