How to get rid of constipation fast? Constipation in babies occurs when they are unable to expel out the feces and those that are expelled are dry and hard. Baby constipation can occur when solid food particles are engulfed which their bodies are unable digest. Consuming diet that is not rich in fibers and excessive use of dairy products can lead to constipation such as cheese and yoghurt. Pasta, breads and bananas can also cause constipation in babies. This can be cured by many home remedies for baby constipation.

Best Home Remedies For Baby Constipation

Remedies For Baby Constipation
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1) Sugar solution

It is believed that brown sugar can be used to treat constipation in babies. It helps in the softening of the stool so that they may be easily expelled from the body. In 2 or 3 tablespoons of cold water add 1 and a half teaspoon of brown sugar. Mix it together properly and give to the child twice or thrice a day.

2) Provide fiber rich diet

Fiber rich diet is useful against baby constipation. Fibers in diet can make the stool soft by extracting water from them so that they can be easily removed from the body. Using raw or boiled fiber rich diet can be helpful. Broccoli, beans, peaches, peas and oats are all fiber rich diet and should be consumed regularly to fight constipation.

3) Coconut oilRemedies For Baby Constipation

This can also be useful for making the feces soft. Put some warm coconut oil on the stomach of the baby and massage in circular clockwise motion. This should be done several times a day as it is very effective and can make the hardened feces soft. This is also beneficial for removing colic pain in infants.

4) More uptake of water

More uptake of water be helpful for removing constipation in babies. Water uptake can cause the digestive tract to work properly and prevent constipation. Warm water can be helpful because they can make the feces soft easily which can in return lessen the gastric pain.

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5) Apple juice

The mild laxative effect of apple juice can remove baby constipation. Synthetic apple juice should be avoided and is recommendable to use juice from organic apples. The pectin present in apples stimulates bowel movements. Giving 2 to 4 ounce of juice to toddlers can be helpful against constipation.

6) Raisin liquid

Raisin liquid can also help fighting constipation. Soak 5 or 6 resins for 24 hours and the next day crush those raisins. Strain the liquid from the resins and give it to the baby suffering from constipation. This stimulates the bowel movements and makes the feces soft. They can thus be expelled out easily.

7) Warm bath

Remedies For Baby Constipation
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Warm bath is beneficial for fighting baby constipation. This makes the body of the baby relaxed so that contaminants from the body can move out easily. It makes the feces soft and reduces the pressure so that they can move out easily and are not hard to pass. While drying the baby massage his or her body all over. This can also be done to relieve the gastric pain in babies.

8) Fennel seeds

They are helpful in stimulating the muscle movement in the body. They increase the activity of muscles of stomach and help in healthy digestion. They also encourage the bowel movements. In two cups of water add 1 teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds and boil them. Let them boil and then strain it. Allow it to cool and give half teaspoon to the baby at different time intervals.

9) Exercise

This is also helpful for treating constipation in babies. It stimulates the bowel movements and improves the digestion. Let the baby walk or crawl around so that muscle activity increases and stool is expelled out easily. This can also provide relief against stomach pain. Bicycle exercise is also helpful. Do not let the child lie down immediately after eating.

10) Prunes and prune juice

The laxative effect of prunes stimulate bowel movements and help fight constipation. Directly eating prunes can be helpful against constipation. In case of prune juice, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of prune juice in half cup of water or milk and give to the infants of up to 6 months. Give it daily.

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