Vitamin D is very important for the functioning of body as it boosts up the immune system by providing resistance against certain diseases. It makes the bones and teeth strong. It is helpful in stimulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the bones. It is also essential for proper growth of organs and body. Vitamin D is also helpful is fighting depression and losing weight. If the Vitamin D is not present in sufficient amount then it makes the bones weak and results in many abnormalities. There are many Vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

1) Hair loss

One of the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency is the loss of hair. Vitamin D is necessary for the growth of hair and nourishment of hair follicles. It provides the hair the essential nutrients and minerals so that the roots become strong and the hair loss is prevented. For preventing the hair loss it is essential to consume Vitamin D rich diet such as eggs, milk and fresh fruit juices.

2) Fragile bones

Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium in the bones thus making them strong and enabling them to carry the weight of the body. If the deficiency of Vitamin D occurs then bones become fractured easily and results in the occurrence of disease called rickets. The legs and bones of the people affected with this disease have deformed body.

3) Infections

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms include the occurrence of infections. Vitamin D is essential for the removal of harmful microbes from the upper respiratory tract. These microbes if persist in the body can cause the infections of respiratory tract and other organs. It the deficiency of this vitamin occurs then the microbes are not removed and thus cause allergies in the body thus causing irritation and symptoms of other diseases.

4) DepressionVitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

The deficiency of Vitamin D is highly associated with depression. There are many Vitamin D receptor cells in the brain that control different proteins that control the incidence of depression and mood swings. If the brain cell receptors do not get proper Vitamin D then they can trigger the proteins that cause depression and thus making body dull.

5) Weakened immune system

Symptoms of Vitamin D includes a weakened immune system. As this Vitamin is necessary for the removal of harmful bacteria and viruses from the body and helps fighting certain diseases. It can also kill off the viruses and bacteria in the body. It also provides the resistance against certain diseases in the body. If the deficiency of this Vitamin occurs then the immune system becomes weak and thus making it susceptible to diseases.

6) Tuberculosis

The low levels of Vitamin D can cause tuberculosis. Vitamin D acts as a modulator for the innate immune system as they are effective against microbial activity. They help fighting and killing the microbes that cause this disease. It there is deficiency of this Vitamin then the bacteria remains dominant in the body and causes the diseases.

7) Kidney disease

The Vitamin D deficiency can cause kidney disease. Due to the deficiency of Vitamin D the kidneys store necessary proteins that are required by the body thus causing many kidneys disorders. Thus it is necessary to take Vitamin D rich diet so that the deficiency of this Vitamin is fulfilled in the body. The Vitamin D rich foods include the use of fresh juices and milk.

8) Dementia

The symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include the occurrence of dementia. There are receptors in the brain that contain necessary proteins that are required for proper functioning of the body such as learning, memory storage and speaking power. If the deficiency of Vitamin D occurs in the body then the brain cells are deprived of the essential proteins and result in the memory loss or dementia.

10) Muscle weakness

The muscles require calcium for their proper functioning and if they are unable to get necessary calcium they can become stiff and cannot function properly. The Vitamin D stimulates the absorption of calcium into the muscles and making them strong. It Vitamin D levels are low in the body then the muscles are unable to perform their function properly.

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