Women are generally very conscious about their diet and figure. Due to laziness and overburden of work a lot of weight can be put on the body making the body look obese. This over weight can lead to serious problems such as diabetes and heart attack. By regularly exercising and following a strict diet plan that contains the necessary elements and no extra fats in it can help lowering the body weight and keeping the body healthy. Besides women the diet plans are also available for men which should contain more energy rich compounds.

Best Weight Loss Diet Plans

weight loss diet plan
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#1 Diet Plan For Weight LossWeight Loss Diet Plan


Coffee or tea: Use non fat milk to make a cup of coffee or tea. Add some sugar supplement in it and not sugar as it causes the deposition of fat in the body.

Fresh fruits and oatmeal: This is very useful in burning calories of the body. Fresh fruits contain many less calories and also oatmeal is a cereal that can help you lose weight rapidly.

Mid morning snack

Vegetable salsa tortilla: Use steamed tortilla with grilled or fresh vegetables such as peppers, onions and tomatoes. Add no salt in it. On the warmed tortilla add some salsa and vegetables. This is very rich in nutrients and has low or even no calories.

Oranges: Oranges are a rich source of vitamins and specially Vitamin C. This contains no calories and provides body with necessary nutrients.


Chopped vegetables with balsamic vinegar: Make a salad of chopped fruits and vegetables. You can bake the vegetables or consume the raw vegetables. Try to use more green vegetables as they are rich source of fiber. Use no oil as it can add calories.

White bean soup: In a pan add four to five cloves of garlic and stir for few minutes so that they become transparent. Now, add chicken broth in it. Add other beans and vegetables and let it cook for one or two minutes. Add salt and black pepper to taste in it. When properly cooked serve the soup. You can use this soup immediately or refrigerate it.

Mid afternoon snack

Non fat plain yoghurt and berries: In a cup of plain yoghurt add the berries of your own choice or any fruit such as bananas. This can clear out the toxins from the body.

Apple: We are well aware of the phrase ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Consuming an apple can provide nutrients to the body thus keeping it healthy.


Salad: A salad should be taken at night that contains green vegetables, herbs and fruits all mixed in it. Do not add any preservatives or sugar in it. Also, try avoiding the oil. These herbs and vegetables can a great source of nutrients.

Salmon: Try taking a fish that contains no salt and extra calories in it. Salmon fish is one of them. Gently steam or grill the fish and do not fry the fish as it can add calories to the body weight.

Baked potatoes with sour cream (fat free): Baked potatoes can be a great source of losing weight and provide necessary elements to the body.

Dessert: Mixed berries can act as a dessert as they contain no fats in them. This is one of the best weight loss diet plan.

#2 Diet Plan For Weight LossWeight Loss Diet Plan


Toast and peanut butter: Apply two tablespoon of peanut butter on a piece of toast. It provides the necessary elements to the body.

Banana: Banana is a rich source of fibers that can help the waste to be excreted out from the body easily.

Mid morning snack

Two small boxes of raisins can be used as a mid morning snack. The raisins are a low calorie source of nutrition for the body but should not be consumed in very high amount.


Boiled pasta and left over spicy chicken can be used in lunch. Both these things can provide a neutral taste as one is spicy and the other is spice less.

Mid afternoon snack

Fat free yoghurt should be used as mid afternoon snack. No spices should be added to it including salt and pepper.


Salmon fish: This fish is a low calorie fish and it should not be fried but should be used as grilled or steamed fish. It also contains no extra salts in it.

Broccoli (two cups): It is a fiber rich green vegetable that can be very helpful for weight loss. It can also be useful against constipation and thus lowering the weight of the body.

#3 Diet Plan For Weight LossWeight Loss Diet Plan


Ham and lean eggs: Boiled eggs are a great source of proteins for the body. They contain no calories in them. Also, ham used should be grilled and not fried as grilled ham contains no calories in it.

Grapefruit: The grapefruit contains many oxidants in it and helps removing microbes from the body. It also contains very less fiber content and contains a very less amount of calories in it.

Mid morning snacks

Almonds can be used against weight loss as they provide energy to the body and maintain a proper health. They speed up the process of digestion. Eating 25 almonds can be used as mid morning snack.


Apple: Consuming an apple can provide nutrients to the body.

Black beans: These beans are a rich source of carbohydrate and proteins. A soup made of these beans and also consuming them in boiled form can be helpful for weight loss.


Bun and veggie burger: The vegetables wrapped in a bun can be a rich source of fiber and carbohydrates.

Salad: Salad made of vegetables and fruits are necessary as they provide the nutrients to the body and make the body slimmer. They contain no calories and should be used in raw or steamed form. This is also one of the best weight loss diet plans.

#4 Diet Plan For Weight Loss [For Women Especially]Weight Loss Diet Plan

The weight loss diet plan for women includes


Three eggs: They serve as a rich source of protein. It is preferable to use boiled eggs and not fried.

One slice of toast: It is advisable to use brown bread. It provides the carbohydrates to the body.

One cup green tea: The green tea can eliminate the toxins from the body thus making the body clear. It also has antioxidants present in it.

Quarter cup of mixed berries: These berries can provide the body necessary nutrients.


One cup of cucumber and peppers (Chopped): These vegetables are a good source of fiber for the body thus allowing the waste to excrete out.

One tablespoon of avocado: The hormones present in avocado can lower the hunger and also it provides the essential minerals and vitamins to the body.

Mid afternoon snack

Quarter cup of strawberries: They are a good source of carbohydrate.

Vanilla almond milk: Consume eight ounces of vanilla almond milk. Make sure that it is unsweetened.

One cup spinach: This green vegetable is a useful source of fiber for the body.


Chicken: It is a rich source of protein.

Olive oil: Only consume one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

One glass of water: It keeps the body hydrated and flushes out the toxins from the body.

#5 Diet Plan For Weight Loss [For Men Especially]Weight Loss Diet Plan

The weight loss diet plan for men includes


Mixed berries smoothies: Add together half cup of raspberries, half cup strawberries, half cup blueberries, half cup bananas, one cup skim milk, half cup plain yoghurt, half cup high fiber cereal and one scoop of protein powder. Blend them all together to make a perfect smoothie. This smoothie is not only helpful for lessening the weight of body but also provide a cooling effect to the body. This can also boost up the energy level of the body.


Salad: Make a salad that contains fresh vegetables and raisins. Shred a large cooked chicken breast and add quarter cup of pine apple and quarter cup of mango in it. These fruits should be properly cut in cubes. Add two cups of spinach and few slices of avocado. Add one ounce of shredded almonds. Add a few chestnuts it. If possible add a low fat cheese in it. Serve this salad with high fiber white crackers. These crackers can provide the fiber so that waste can be excreted out easily.


Stir fry shrimp: Cook half pound of shrimps properly and add a cup of stir fry vegetables in it. The vegetables used should be green vegetables that are a good source of fiber. Add two table spoon of soya sauce in it and stir well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Stir all these together properly and serve with brown rice. Avoid using the oil that contains high fat and calories level and use the virgin olive oil or low fat oil.

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